Can I visit the shop?

We do not accept drop-in visits from prospective or current customers. We’re happy to see you, but we need to plan for it. Our team is busy working on projects and we can’t always step away from the work. Fill out our form and a member of our team will be in touch to get you an appointment for a consultation.


When can you start?

We generally book 3-4 months out. Smaller projects, like solar and electrical system installations, can be squeezed into the schedule for sure. If we can get you in quicker, we will. 


How much?

Our hourly rate is $100 per hour. That is $800 per day; $4,000 per week. We will provide a labor cost estimate based on your project goals.


What does a total conversion cost?

Every build is different, but typically a complete van conversion takes 8-12 weeks. $40,000 is a fair labor estimate and materials usually cost another $10-15,000. 


Do you sell packages?

We do entirely custom builds. That being said, we have built more than a few vans in our time and we’re happy lend our experience to your design or help you create a brand new one. It’s important to us that you have the van that works best for your lifestyle. 


Do you sell vans?

No, we are BYOV.


When can we talk vans?

Dustin sees new customers on Monday at our shop in Inglewood. You must have an appointment. For phone consultations, Sara can chat anytime via phone or video. If you’ve had any work done to your van by another builder (or a DIY project), you should come into the shop.


To set up a shop visit with Dustin or a call with Sara, fill out the form to get started. 


How long does it take? 

Typically a complete van conversion takes 8-12 weeks. We are happy to take on a small part of your build or do the whole thing—it’s up to you! We will make a plan together and do what’s best for you, your budget, and your timeline. The vast majority of our projects are partial conversions. 


How much upfront?

20% of the total labor estimate is due before we begin the project. We’ll bill you weekly for our labor cost (less your deposit) and the cost of any materials. We will not mark up the price of the materials.

When can we get started?

We will work together to find a start date that works for your timeline and the workload in our shop. We’re often talking to several potential customers, so a date will not be offered or set until a deposit has been paid. 


What’s the design process like?

We will encourage you to upload any inspiration pictures you have for your build to our collaborative drive. We’ll schedule a design meeting with you in the weeks leading up to your project kickoff.


Who buys the stuff? 

Based on that design meeting, we’ll create a custom list of materials for you to purchase in advance of the build. We have partnerships with several companies and can often offer discount codes for you to use. You will ship those materials to yourself and bring them with you when you drop your vehicle off at the shop.


We also keep a supply of items at the shop and will charge you at cost when we use them for your build. 


Can I see my van's progress?

While your vehicle is in the shop, we’ll communicate via email and through the collaborative drive. We’ll upload pictures of the progress every week and you’re welcome to set a visit to see it for yourself. 


What if I want changes?

Depending on the circumstances, we *may* be able to accommodate changes to your build, but not always. We are flexible and want you to be happy, so it’s never a flat-out no—but changes made to the plan may mean extra time in the shop and additional labor charges.


Will the price change?


Sometimes. We've built a lot of vans, so we have a pretty good idea of how long projects will take us to complete, but because we do entirely custom work, things sometimes do change. We'll always let you know if our initial estimate was off and we'll talk over the options. If the project ends up taking us less time than planned, we'll never charge you for work we didn't do. 

When do I pay you?

We’ll bill you weekly for our labor cost (less your deposit) and the cost of any materials. We will not mark up the price of the materials.


Your final payment is due upon pickup. 


Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through Acorn. We do not make money when you apply or use them for financing. Once a proposal has been approved by you, you may use Acorn to apply for a construction loan for that amount. It will be paid to us, then you will pay your lender back in accordance with the terms you agree to. 


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. With very, very rare exceptions, we only use new products that come with a warranty. Our work is guaranteed for one year. We’ll provide you with a full Van Plan Aftercare package when you pick up your vehicle.