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Cruisin' Through Summer - #Vanlife with The Van Plan

Cruisin' Through Summer 🌞

It feels like summer is cruisin' by way too fast. We're finally getting our boards waxed, our feet wet, and our buns out. Just kidding, we've been hard at work doing custom van builds ovah here! But we hope you've been able to chill and grill, especially after the gaping pothole of a Pandemic that stole last summer. Hope everyone has landed safely on their feet, or better yet, in the driver's seat. Oh, what have we been up to you ask?

Old Vans Rule: How The Van Plan Began

In the late spring of 2018, Dustin bought a 73′ Ford E-100 Clubwagon from a dude that owns a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. The van was in great condition with just over 100k miles on it, barn kept, and exactly what he was looking for. He spent the next 5 months turning an old empty hippie wagon into one of the coolest and most practical conversion vans on the road today. This is where The Van Plan began. This van may have gotten old, but this story never does.


Rollin' Solar

Solar is the key to living off-grid, maximizing energy conversion, and just being a decent person to our environmentally ravaged planet. We've been doing a lot of solar installs for folks gearing up for their summer camping trip, full time van dwellers, and those who just want to harness the natural power of the sun and live in a more sustainable way. Curious about custom van solar installation? Contact us at!


Meet Our Team

Dustin Van Ells is the co-owner of The Van Plan along with Master of Ops and wife Sara Van Ells. He is a proud U.S. Naval veteran and Lead Builder at The Van Plan. With over ten years of electrical engineering experience and a passion for woodworking, Dustin's skills and vision have combined to construct some of our most crafty and creative builds. Meet the rest of the The Van Plan team here!


Good Bookin' Out

As the quest for living that #Vanlife exploded during 2020, we've been in high demand for custom van builds. Awesome news for us, but not so great if you want to hit the road on that glorious 2021 summer getaway. Due to our current workload, our earliest date to get on the books for new projects is September, so contact us now to get on our calendar! We do partial builds, full builds, and smaller projects. See our latest custom van work here.


What Sets Us Apart?

We offer a fully custom van build experience, not just pre-made modular molds like most places. We also work on a wide variety of vans and give you a full pricing and timeframe estimate when you schedule your van visit with us. So, what's your Van Plan?

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Keep on cruisin'....

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